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Local Textile Guilds

Textile Guilds of the Tri-Cities

The Tri-City Quilters' Guild is a nonprofit organization chartered in 1982, dedicated to promoting quilting through programs at monthly meetings, workshops, quilt retreats and our annual quilt show.  We currently are 250 members strong.  We have a very active Community Service Committee and many of our members give back to the community by making and donating quilts to local organizations.  Twice a year (April and October), our monthly program at both night and day meetings is a Community Service Workshop, where we work on quilts in various stages of completion.  Members have donated their time and service to schools, charities and individuals in need.  Please visit our website for further information and activities. www.tcquilters.org

Guild meetings are twice monthly, serving both working and stay-at-home members.  We  meet at the Springhill Church, 1153 Gage Blve in Richland, on the third Monday of the month.  Social times begin at 10:00am and 6:00pm with programs, show and tell, news, and business following 30 minutes later.  Programs are presented by members and guest speakers and include learning new skills, slide presentations and lectures on quilting topics.  Guests are always welcome!

Desert Fiber Arts was organized in 1974. We are a non-profit, educational and service organization open to any interested person.
Our purposes are: 1) to promote participation in and appreciation for fine craftsmanship related to the fiber artsand 2) to encourage the development and interest of the craftfield within the arts, in education, therapy, marketing, and the community as a whole.

Monthly General Meetings for all members are held on the third Thursday of each month September through May in the Tri-Cities. About half of the meetings are scheduled in the evening and half during the day. All general meetings are open to the public. Members are encouraged to join a Study Group. These are special interest groups that focus on a particular technique or on a chosen project. Please check out our web site for more information. www.desertfiberarts.org

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